Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Guests welcome

The guests will be greeted with warm smile, and given a comfortable seat and a bottle of cold water.

The guests will be introduced by:

  • Company Overview
  • Fabric Consultant: Guests can walk around and view a vast selection of high quality fabrics. The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable and the guests will be received great help and advice choosing fabrics and colors without any pressure to choose the most expensive
  • Design Consultant: The database is brimming with new and modern designs. Guests may choose any new design from the computer. If customers wish to personalize their custom tailored clothes, all changes requested will be carried out exactly.
  • Measurement: The staff pays detailed attention to body measurements. Photos taken during measuring will be for the sole purpose of the assessing the customer’s body shape, and to store the measurements of the customer. These will be sent to the guests before leaving.
  • Payment Agreement: Learn more at Payment Policy
  • Deposit: Learn more at Payment Policy o Fitting: Customers are fitted at least thrice to get a perfect fit. Customers are encouraged to comment on their "comfort and feeling" during the fitting. Alterations will be made each time until the garment is completed and matched with the customer satisfaction
  • Customer receives the finished tailoring garment and a final payment is made: At this stage, the customer is requested to provide feedback on their tailoring experience. Be leaving, a customer is presented a gift for their experience at Thu Thuy Silk.

About Us

THUTHUYSilk(r) is the best tailor company in Hoi An, Vietnam since 1989 with 1000m2 main office located at 60 Le Loi ...

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Thu Thuy Silk - Hoi An

Head Office: 

60 Le Loi, Hoi An - (+84) 0510 3861 699

Hotline: (+84) 0913 480 279 


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